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Unveiling the Marketing Strategies and Insights of Archer Knight

Unveiling the Marketing Strategies and Insights of Archer Knight

Continuing our series of interviews for the "Getting to Know Archer Knight Better" marketing campaign, we shift our focus to Marketing Manager Andie Moonie. In this second installment, Marketing Intelligence Team Lead Kelsey Crehan explores Andie's innovative strategies and invaluable perspectives that have shaped the marketing strategies at Archer Knight.

From Ideas to Impact: Unveiling the Marketing Strategies and Insights of Archer Knight - An Interview with Marketing Manager Andie Moonie


KCR: Can you provide an overview of your experience in the offshore energy industry and your role as a marketing manager in a Market Intelligence firm?

AMO: As Marketing Manager for Archer Knight, I am lucky enough to be able to combine my passion for digital media and data analysis. My role involves leveraging my expertise to drive impactful marketing strategies and initiatives and then monitoring and analysing the results to identify which strategies are the most effective. It's incredibly fulfilling to be part of a highly effective team that contributes to the success of our firm in such a dynamic industry.


KCR:   What strategies have you employed to effectively reach and engage the target audience in the offshore energy sector? Can you share any specific campaigns or initiatives you have implemented?

AMO: When it comes to reaching and connecting with our target audience, we don't rely on just one method. We combine the power of digital marketing, content creation, and industry partnerships to create compelling campaign. Our goal is always to educate, inspire, and truly connect with our audience.

We're all about using every tool in our marketing toolkit to achieve this, so we utilise a mixture of social media, industry events and thought leadership. It's all about finding the right channels and platforms to connect with our audience in meaningful ways. We want to build lasting relationships, spark conversations, and drive engagement that goes beyond just a one-time interaction. 


KCR:  How do you stay updated on the latest trends, developments, and regulatory changes in the offshore energy market? How do you ensure that this information is effectively communicated to your team and clients?

AMO: I am very lucky in my role that we have an excellent market intelligence team who are gathering information on a daily basis to stay ahead of the curve in the offshore energy market. They actively seek out the latest trends, advancements, and changes through industry conferences, research publications, and networking opportunities.

Having access to this wealth of information is so helpful when it comes to planning our marketing campaigns. It's like having a secret weapon! Armed with all these insights, we can strategise and create campaigns that are not only impactful but also perfectly aligned with the pulse of the industry. It's a true collaborative effort, and I couldn't be more grateful to have such an incredible team backing me up.


KCR:  How have you had to tailor marketing strategies to address the specific needs and challenges of the offshore energy industry? 

AMO: For me it is about always learning and trying to expand our knowledge of the ever-evolving industry, to ensure we are well placed to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. One valuable avenue we explore to address this challenge is by partnering in events like the Floating Energy Forum. This is an excellent platform to expand our network and establish partnerships with companies at the forefront of new technologies and advancements in the energy sector.

By engaging in such events, we not only enhance our industry connections but also reinforce our position as thought leaders. This new found knowledge  also enables us to provide cutting-edge market intelligence to our clients, equipping them with the necessary insights to identify opportunities and navigate the ever-evolving energy transition market.


KCR:  Collaboration and coordination with other departments are often crucial in marketing efforts. How do you ensure effective cross-functional communication within your team and with other departments in your organization?

AMO: We have a great culture of open communication in Archer Knight with active engagement across all departments to align our strategies and objectives. By establishing regular meetings and sharing insights, we ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. This collaborative approach enables us to leverage the expertise of the whole team, resulting in well-rounded and effective marketing campaigns.


KCR:  The offshore energy industry is highly competitive. How do you differentiate your firm's services from competitors and position yourself as a trusted and reliable source of market intelligence?

AMO: At the core of our approach is establishing ourselves as a trusted and reliable source of market intelligence. We do this by consistently delivering insights that are of the highest quality and accuracy. But you know what truly sets us apart? It's our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients. We take immense pride in earning their trust and going above and beyond to provide them with unmatched value. For us, it's not just about delivering data and information—it's about fostering meaningful partnerships and ensuring our clients feel supported every step of the way. That's what truly drives us and makes us stand out in the market intelligence landscape.


KCR:   The offshore energy market is constantly evolving. How do you adapt and adjust your marketing strategies to stay relevant and meet the changing needs of clients and the industry as a whole?

AMO: We make it a point to stay on top of industry changes, emerging technologies, and the evolving needs of our clients. It's all about being proactive and staying ahead of the curve to ensure that our marketing strategies stay relevant and effective. We regularly take the time to review our approaches, seeking feedback and insights from our team and clients alike. This helps us fine-tune our strategies, making sure they hit the mark and deliver the results we aim for. It's an ongoing process of learning, adapting, and refining to stay at the forefront of our industry and provide the best possible service to our clients.

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To contact Kelsey or Andie email:

kcr@archerknight.com or amo@archerknight.com


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