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We work with you to produce granular, actionable market intelligence relevant to your needs

Our offshore energy market intelligence is available to our clients through our flagship subscription package AMi or Bespoke Research Projects

For exploration and production companies

  • Visualise market information throughout the entire supply chain

  • Establish bespoke commercial and operational trends

  • Monitor supply and demand of critical services and assets

  • Price and cost analysis and benchmarking

  • Track resources and materials


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Market Intelligence - Operators v1

For service companies

  • Visualise market information throughout your clients and potential clients

  • Establish commercial opportunities

  • Monitor supply and demand of critical services and assets you compete against

  • Price and cost analysis and benchmarking

  • Track resources and materials


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Market Intelligence - Service Companies v1

For financial professionals and forecasters

  • Provides financial and operational insight into the offshore energy sector

  • Analysis of regulatory pressures, macroeconomic volatility and resource and material constraints

  • Data visualisation of industry specific M&A and operational activity, rates, commercial frameworks and risk profiles.

  • Develop transitive methodologies and models that an be rapidly implemented with existing operations.


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Market Intelligence - Financial Professionals v1
Thank you for the rapid response and turn around. The Research Request functions helps us react quickly to changes in the market. Very useful to have this at our disposal.
Andy Harding
Neptune Energy
The research request you provided actually flagged up about 10-15 companies we have since engaged with. It worked really well.
John Davey
Really appreciate the updates on the Heavy Lift Market. Help us focus on the areas that are important to our operations.
Brian Brown
Fairfield Energy
We like the package a lot. In fact, we believe it provides true value to us.
Brian Brown
Fairfield Energy
I personally very much like the system and there is several others within GAC that are also using it regularly. It helps me keep a keen eye on all the vessels we’re interested in following.
Gavin Johnston
Thanks for getting back to us so quickly I have distributed to the team and it was well received. Once again thanks for your help and support we are likely requesting another research question for next month.
Richard Van Der Tuin
James Fisher Offshore
The AMi package is very useful. It helps my team gather information quickly and turn it into actionable intelligence.
Alistair McKee
I love the Q1 stats…excellent work
Rosti Havlik
Archer Knight team was very positive and proactive, and we thought they were a strong, industry specific data provider. Highlighted cooperation, reactivity and flexibility were Archer Knight’s stand out pluses.
Tim Perrera
CIL Management Consultants
Thanks for an excellent presentation to our finance clients. We had some excellent feedback and look forward to working with you again.
Nick Scott
Excellent presentation on Subsea 7. We liked the detail and understanding you had on the sector. Feedback was strong.
Mikaela Andersson
Third Bridge