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We know the subsea energy market inside out. Aided by our global contacts network of more than 50,000 we provide the granular level of detail required by operators, service providers and companies in the subsea supply chain, enabling them to bridge the gap between analysis and project completion.


Our strong industry relationships and extensive knowledge of the market is powered by Flowline, our subsea market intelligence platform, which provides high-quality, real-time insight to subscribers.


What we give you:

  • Due diligence on companies and projects

  • Forecasting, modelling and mapping

  • Company, country and industry reports

  • Detailed research by our team of analysts

  • Tracking of vessel and asset activity

  • Transactional support

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A Norwegian-headquartered global subsea contractor company required a full granular review of the diving-support vessel market in North West Europe to support its operations. The company provides integrated project-managed and engineered subsea solutions to the oil & gas industry.


We provided:

  • An in-depth report which identified the main North-west European fleet for service delivery. This covered technical oversight of the asset pool, current locations of assets, recent market developments and a summary of the main service providers in the region.

  • A comprehensive assessment of their main competitors in this segment, including detailed analysis on main service lines, contracting strategies and framework agreement already in place.

  • An examination of market demand, reviewing the number of DSV days expected in the market over the next four years. This includes our forecasts of the total saturation diving days, allowing the company to assess supply and demand.

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