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Delivering through collaboration

Our mission is to help our clients independently assess their world. 


With extensive experience across the offshore energy industry, working with E&P and service companies at both board and operational level, we understand the sector and the challenges our clients face.  With our bespoke research projects, we aim to give you greater insight into the evolution of the global economy and how your company fits into it – helping you make better strategic and tactical decisions.



The world is a fluid and dynamic playing field. With global uncertainty impacting trade and the global supply chain, policy and investment frequently change in a short space of time. Having up-to-date data and analysis has never bene more vital.

Our team of experienced offshore energy sector experts produce insights and analytics to help you maintain and develop your market position. 

We use data mining to identify real opportunities, taking account of the headwinds and tailwinds created by the changing global picture, including – but not limited to – the following macro factors:

  • The shift between offline and online

  • Continuing uncertainty following the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Economic factors such as inflation, discretionary spending patterns and employment figures

  • Competitive dynamics

  • Energy-price volatility

  • Geopolitical events

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Our commercial insights, data and analytics enable you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

We give you granularity at the sub-surface and field level, paired with global macro-level forecasts, meaning you can deduce which projects will be the most fruitful and which regions to explore.

From the big picture to the smallest detail, we've got the offshore energy market covered.

We aim to help capture and distil key drivers in each region and identify the established and emerging trends and policies that each region-specific strategy will have to address.

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Archer Knight's senior and highly experienced consultants can help you strengthen your strategy and pitch for new business. 

Our consulting team has extensive experience in all parts of the industry, allowing us to provide you with expertise and knowhow to help you grow. With us beside you, we'll help you identify and screen opportunities, assess competitors, value assets and reduce risk – leaving you free to run your business with confidence.

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Our bespoke research in action

Bespoke Research Projects Example


Engaging oil and gas operators

Reality delivers projects, but perception can be pivotal when it comes to the the selection process and impact existing market services.

As part of a project for a global contractor we engaged with the key decision makers in offshore activities at several exploration & production companies, evaluating their perception of how key service companies across the UK region were performing.

Questions were designed to establish the key trends and perceptions of the operational activity for each separate Life of Field phase.

The subsequent report correlated recurring trends and perceptions which our our client could reuse in marketing campaigns and retroactive account management.


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