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Let us work together

With our consultancy services we work together with you to assist your tactical operations and strategic decision making across all areas of offshore energy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Advice and transactional support for offshore energy companies in £1 million–£200 million range.


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Bespoke Consultancy Projects

Looking at short or medium-term pieces of work, giving support to companies in areas where they don’t have the knowledge, time or resources.


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Diving Safety & Services 

Specialist support providing you with the very best diving safety expertise – headed up by Derek Beddows, one of the world’s leading diving technical authorities.

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People Placement

We find your company the high-quality resources it can't find elsewhere, in areas including commercial, QHSE, project management and diving technical.


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Archer Knight have helped us greatly over the past year. From diving technical to business development support, project management and directors to contracts and commercial and supply chain. When we need additional or project specific support, they are there for us and the quality and experience of their people is of the highest standard.
Duncan Harris
Maersk Supply Service, UK General Manager
Thanks again for all your hard work assisting us in processing all key suppliers from Maersk’s Mutual Indemnity and Waiver of Recourse Agreements to Total’s existing Mutual Hold Harmless Regime. We couldn’t have done this without you.
Clare Cortes
TotalEnergies, Corporate Services C&P Leader