Subsea market intelligence to help clients gain market share.

We are subsea industry experts and consultants, providing market intelligence and specialist support.


At Archer Knight, our goal is to bring you detailed analysis combined with the insight you need to help your business grow.

Clients need granular insight to give them something extra.

Analysis of the subsea sector is a crowded marketplace, but we believe we offer something different for our clients. We founded Archer Knight in 2016 because we believed something was fundamentally missing from the market intelligence provided elsewhere.


The macro-level insight from analysts lacked the granular level of detail required by operators, service providers and companies in the subsea supply chain. Something extra was still needed to bridge the gap between analysis and project completion.


We believe in order to succeed, companies need bottom-up insight – analysis from the ground floor – so we can give them a roadmap from market trend to market share.

We know the subsea market inside out.

Our team combines genuine industry experience, in-depth research and an extensive global contacts base to deliver an unrivalled approach to providing analysis. We carry out projects across the world’s major subsea hubs.


We pride ourselves on being subsea industry insiders. Our team and wider investment group has a high level of experience, which has included leading subsea contracting and business development in areas including the UK Continental Shelf, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa and other major subsea global hubs.


Our analysis is founded on primary engagement with a 50,000-strong global network across the oil & gas and renewables industries, combined with our automated algorithms collating millions of subsea-related data points from open-source web activity.


Through our technology platform, subscription marketing intelligence services and bespoke reports, we bring you real-time insight on subsea vessel, asset and project activity.

Delivering the ‘last mile’.

Our approach has already helped support oil & gas operators, contractors, inspection, repair & maintenance (IRM) companies, and others across the subsea supply chain. We’ve also supported clients across the financial, educational and public sectors.


Whether you’re targeting a specific project or strategic growth, we work

closely with you to understand your individual requirements; supporting

your strategy and assisting you as required. We give our clients the

options of commissioned or subscription-based intelligence reporting

and additional support services as an individual or combined solution.


In this way, our combination of insight, support and analysis helps you

deliver on your ‘last mile’, allowing you to effectively allocate your time

and resources to market entry, pursuit planning and ultimately allowing

you to secure the most profitable business opportunities.

Our Values.


We will be honest with all our staff, clients and suppliers and treat them with integrity and respect.


We will always execute our services in the most mutually beneficial way possible.


We refuse to compromise on quality and always aim to continually improve.


We consistently strive to be

ever-present for our clients during the life of a contract.