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Offshore energy market intelligence to help clients gain market share.


Traditional work and data models do not provide the agility, scalability, and resilience required by the future energy enterprises.

To drive growth and competitive differentiation, organisations need to invest in technologies and services that power automation, human-machine collaboration, new organisational structures and leadership styles, dynamic learning opportunities, a reimagined workplace, and a digital work environment that is not bounded by time or physical place.

Big data gives enterprises a competitive edge and has become a game-changer that is helping all industries achieve their business priorities.

Big data remains a key tech to enhance customer journeys, reduce costs, and streamline complex business processes.

About us

Granular insights

Analysis of the offshore energy sector is a crowded marketplace, but we believe we offer something different for our clients. 
Our marketing intelligence package and consultancy support use big data and expert insight to produce granular insight on the areas of offshore energy you most need to know about.

Energy sector knowledge

Our team combines genuine industry experience, in-depth research and an extensive global contacts base to deliver an unrivalled approach to providing analysis. We carry out projects across the world’s major offshore energy hubs.

Delivering the ‘last mile’

Our approach has already helped support oil & gas operators, contractors, inspection, repair & maintenance (IRM) companies, and others across the offshore energy supply chain. We’ve also supported clients across the financial, educational and public sectors. We provide the granular level of detail companies need to take them over that ‘last mile’ to project completion.


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Archer Knight Team

David Sheret

David Sheret

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Mike Watson

Michael Watson

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Staff Photos - David Boggs

David Boggs

Executive Director
Staff Photos - Mark Docherty

Mark Docherty

Operations Director
Derek Beddows

Derek Beddows

Director of Diving Safety & Services
Graeme Wood

Graeme Wood

Special Projects Associate
About Page - Mark Corney

Mark Corney

Finance Director
Staff Photos - Lynne Paterson

Lynne Paterson

Finance & Facilities Manager
Andie Moonie

Andrea Moonie

Sales & Marketing Manager
Staff Photos - Kelsey Crehan

Kelsey Crehan

Market Intelligence Team Lead
About Page - Yun Xu

Yun Xu

Senior Analyst
Staff Photos - Ross Ord

Ross Ord

Market Intelligence Lead Analyst
Staff Photos - Ryan Black

Ryan Black

Junior Contracts Engineer – Commercial
Staff Photos - Liam Stewart

Liam Stewart

Market Intelligence Research Assistant
Staff Photos - Kerr Docherty

Kerr Docherty

SaaS Platform Support

Archer Knight Board

David Sheret

David Sheret

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Mike Watson

Michael Watson

Co-Founder & Executive Director
David Boggs

David Boggs

Executive Director
About Page - Shaun Henry

Shaun Henry

Non-Executive Director