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Experts give their views on future of floating energy

Experts give their views on future of floating energy

Inaugural event helps industry leaders understand the challenges ahead


Technological innovation. Learning from experience. Collaboration. Three key factors in how energy sectors – both old and new – can go on to greater success.

 The first ever Floating Energy Forum saw more than 400 asset managers, operators, service providers and technologists, gather to gain insight into ways forward in a growing and competitive market.

Old and new power generation were on the agenda, jointly hosted by market intelligence experts from Archer Knight and Energy Maritime Associates. A wide range of experts discussed topics including digital solutions for the industry, improving asset integrity, diving regulations, and the technology driving the sector.

David Sheret, Archer Knight executive director and co-founder said: “This forum was a great success and we were delighted to see so many people get involved."

The floating energy space will be at the heart of the energy transition. This event clear demonstrated the importance of collaborative thinking from all energy sectors, as we evolve towards a more sustainable future.

The event included keynote presentations from Judith Tetlow, HSE’s chief inspector of diving, giving attendees a regulator’s perspective on the industry, while Christopher Bird, chair of Riskwell, discussed what energy transition means for the offshore industry.

 Missed the event? A recording of the event is available for signatories here

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Discussion on innovation including presentations from John Bell, senior vice president at Askelos, on how digital twin technology was helping to improve safety and reduce costs of operations.

Rei Yasumuro, head of digital and analytics at MODEC also talked about how digital transformation and improved analytics can improve business models. He said the impact of digital and analytics had improved oil production by US$90 million per year, reduced downtime by 87% and enabled the company of a “rapid expansion” of its FPSO fleet (MODEC has the largest number of FPSOs in Brazil and is now expanding by more than one vessel a year)

Meanwhile, Tim Walsh, who presented on the subject of asset integrity management, said historic barriers to improvement needed to be addressed, with organisational challenges as important as technological ones.

He said: “We have to focus as much on those obstacles as we do on new technology. If we don’t, then the danger is, somebody else will.”

To coincide with the event, Archer Knight and Energy Maritime Associates have teamed up to produce a comprehensive report containing hundreds of hours and thousands of data points on the global floating energy space - with the intelligence datasets behind the report included. To buy the report contact us here

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