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Announcing Flowline - Archer Knight's new subsea market intelligence software platform

Announcing Flowline - Archer Knight's new subsea market intelligence software platform

Flowline – your own ‘digital employee’


We’re delighted to announce the launch of Flowline, Archer Knight’s new digital platform; an innovation to help cut through the noise of subsea news and activity.


We’ve created Flowline to be a ‘digital employee’ for your business, bringing together in one place upstream oil & gas industry communications and market intelligence. As subsea industry experts and consultants, we see Flowline as the next step towards helping clients convert market intelligence into market share.


High-quality intelligence when you need it

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform Flowline applies our bottom-up granular analysis to give users a detailed real-time view of the subsea market.

Flowline, which is available on an affordable subscription model, delivers high-quality real-time data, in a user-friendly format, which is accessible at all levels of the business – not just management or selected individuals.

 David Sheret, Archer Knight Co-Founder and Executive Director said: “Flowline gives your business its own digital ‘employee’

“This employee is working tirelessly to give you completely impartial intelligence, backed by the data and analysis from our team of subsea professionals.

Flowline breaks the mould. We’ve created this platform to be shared across your business, not limited by restrictive licensing arrangements. It doesn’t use restrictive licensing arrangements so it’s up to you – not Archer Knight, who gets to use the platform. It can be widely used and shared across your business. “Our subscribers have full control over the analysis, with really user-friendly software. I don’t believe any other platform offers what we do.”


A platform four years in the making

Key features include the ability to track news, activity and insight on vessels, companies and countries, as well as providing up-to-date information on global subsea projects across OPEX, CAPEX and decommissioning – enabling clients to make more objective assessments of engagement opportunities.

Ross Macdonald, Archer Knight’s Market Intelligence Manager said: “Flowline allows its users to build up a complete understanding of the market, but importantly they are able to customise the service, to what is most relevant to their needs.

“What our users are getting is sustainable intelligence. Instead of buying an expensive report where only a very small percentage of the data might be relevant to their business model, they can home in on the information that is most pertinent to their addressable market.”


For more information on Flowline email us on flowline@archerknight.com or David Sheret, Executive Director on dsh@archerknight.com