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Archer Knight’s intelligence platform expanded to include drill rigs.

Archer Knight’s intelligence platform expanded to include drill rigs.

Flowline is now even more comprehensive.


Our aim with Flowline, our market intelligence software platform, is to give businesses comprehensive and granular insight into their market.

We’re pleased to confirm that our service is now even more expansive, with the addition of global offshore drilling.

Subscribers to Flowline now have access to data on drill ships, semi subs and jack ups, helping give them a detailed real-time view of the market and target the best winnable business opportunities.

We have added more than 750 drilling assets globally, in addition to the 1,300 offshore vessels as well as companies, offshore fields and projects worldwide. The expansion comes on the back of the addition of offshore wind developments (floating and fixed).

Flowline, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, was launched earlier this year to help businesses cut through the noise and target the most profitable opportunities. It drives data and analysis directly to its users, with charts and graphics on data points including vessel activity, ongoing projects, and offshore activity.

Archer Knight Executive Director David Sheret said:

"Since launching Flowline we have listened keenly to the feedback from our subscribers. One of our core aims is to develop a platform that covers all the major drivers within the global subsea sector."

“We want Flowline to be a one-stop-shop for all market intelligence information. The addition of global drill rigs reinforces our market intelligence platform’s strength as a digital employee for our clients, helping them identify the best opportunities available and capitalise on them.”


For more information about what Flowline can do for your business get in touch here flowline@archerknigh.com or discover more about the service here