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Archer Knight Strikes Game-Changing Deal with Energy Maritime Associates

Archer Knight Strikes Game-Changing Deal with Energy Maritime Associates

Merger, together with up to £1,000,000 strategic investment facility, sparks continued global expansion and immediate job creation in offshore energy intelligence sector.

David Sheret and David Boggs
David Sheret (Archer Knight (Holdings) Ltd and David Boggs (Energy Maritime Associates)
Quick Scan - Key Take Aways
  • Archer Knight (Holdings) Limited acquires Singapore-based Energy Maritime Associates, combining their specialised expertise in offshore energy intelligence.
  • The merger includes a strategic investment facility of up to £1,000,000, earmarked for immediate job creation and global expansion, including offices in the UK, US, Singapore, and China.
  • The combined entity aims to fill 10 new positions within the next year, strengthening their commitment to providing top-tier market intelligence in the offshore energy sector.
  • Both Archer Knight and EMA will continue to operate as distinct entities under the same group, leveraging their shared capabilities to drive innovation and provide enhanced market intelligence offerings.
  • The merger aligns with Archer Knight's plans for a Series A equity raise, positioning the company as an attractive investment proposition with a combined client base of over 175 offshore energy-focused companies.


In a move set to redefine their position in the offshore energy market intelligence landscape, Aberdeen-based Archer Knight (Holdings) Limited has confirmed the acquisition of Singapore's Energy Maritime Associates (EMA). This merger combines two specialist offshore energy advisory firms, each with distinct competencies, to deliver an enhanced and holistic service.

The Archer Knight-EMA deal signifies a significant consolidation in the sector and paves the way for an ambitious employment plan. Over the next year, Archer Knight Group is set to expand their team with a projected creation of 10 new jobs, enabled by a substantial debt facility of up to £1,000,000. This strategic investment is further evidence of the firm’s commitment to expanding operations in key international markets, with offices now in the UK, US, Singapore, and China.

Archer Knight's success story has been a testament to their exceptional capabilities and dedication to providing in-depth offshore energy intelligence. This merger further, solidifies their market position, combining EMA's renowned expertise in floating energy with Archer Knight's established presence in the offshore energy sector.

Co-founder and Executive Director of Archer Knight, Mike Watson notes, "This transformative deal allows us to tap into EMA's esteemed expertise in floating energy and leverage our combined strengths to offer highly specialised market intelligence solutions to our clients worldwide."

David Boggs, EMA's Founder and new Executive Director at Archer Knight Holdings, shared his enthusiasm about the merger. He stated, "I am thrilled to join forces with Archer Knight, a group that shares my vision for EMA's future. This merger provides EMA with an expanded platform and resources to pursue our growth strategy and signifies our mutual commitment to providing market leading offshore energy intelligence. Together, we will be able to provide enhanced offerings, drive industry innovation, and deliver additional value to our clients worldwide."

Maintaining EMA as a stand-alone entity within the group, the focus will be on expanding and digitising their core services.

In preparation for their Series A equity raise, Archer Knight is gearing up for significant expansion over the next year. This move not only shows a strategic commitment to growth but also a keen interest in solidifying their position as a global industry leader. David Sheret, Co-founder and Executive Director of Archer Knight, reiterates their growth-focused agenda, saying, "With offices in key strategic locations and a strong combined client base of over 175 offshore energy focused companies, we are well-positioned to seize global market opportunities in the offshore energy sector and position ourselves as an attractive investment proposition when we decide to launch our next investment round."

With this merger, Archer Knight's already strong market presence, coupled with EMA's global reach and detailed analysis, positions the group as a formidable force within the offshore energy market intelligence sector. This deal not only demonstrates Archer Knight's commitment to growth and international expansion but also signifies a new era of powerful synergy in providing unparalleled service in the industry.

For further information contact David Sheret at dsh@archerknight.com or on +44 (0)7718312121