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Archer Knight’s diving insight making waves in the industry

Archer Knight’s diving insight making waves in the industry

Results from our saturation diving research presented to HSE.


Archer Knight’s research into the saturation diving market has been taken to a wider audience – as we presented our findings to the health and safety executive (HSE).

We unveiled our research into the Western Europe DSV market earlier this month, looking at utilisation levels during 2020 and the outlook for contractors and operators in the year ahead.

The findings, which show some cautious optimism for 2021, but also have relevance beyond companies looking to identify their next business opportunities and we were delighted to present out findings to the HSE’s Chief Inspector of Diving Judith Tetlow and members of the organisation’s diving group.

The session focused on patterns and trends in the industry which the HSE diving group can use to continue its work reducing risks in what remains a high hazard activity. It also allowed us to ask important questions to inform our research for future studies.

Executive Director of Archer Knight said:

“Engaging with the HSE is vitally important for us. Judith and her team have an extensive knowledge and insight into the diving sector and play a key role in ensuring safe practises are adopted and maintained.

“We were delighted to be able to share our collective thoughts and findings to the team.”

Speaking for the HSE, Judith Tetlow said:

 “I would like to thank the team at Archer Knight for providing the session to HSE. It was greatly appreciated, and we received very positive feedback from the group.”

 "This useful and informed insight into DSV activity and predicted saturation diving will assist us with our intervention planning. It was particularly interesting to see not only the activity levels for the DSVs, but also for data gathered directly from saturation divers.”

 To find out more about the report, contact us here.