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Global DSV Tracker Playing Cards, featuring 54 of the most prominent DSV’s worldwide

Global DSV Tracker Playing Cards, featuring 54 of the most prominent DSV’s worldwide

Dive Deep into the World of Saturation Diving with Archer Knight's DSV Playing Cards

If you've ever found yourself fascinated by the mysteries lurking beneath the ocean's surface or intrigued by the remarkable vessels that explore these depths, then the Archer Knight (Holdings) Limited's DSV Playing Cards are tailor-made for you. These aren't your ordinary playing cards for a game of poker or solitaire. No, they are a treasure trove of knowledge, a compendium that unveils the stories and details of 54 of the most prominent saturation diving vessels currently navigating the world's oceans.

The overwhelming surge of interest in these cards has been astonishing. Inquiries have been pouring in, with many eager to get their hands on a pack. And rightfully so, as these cards offer more than mere entertainment – they serve as an informative and engaging narrative about the cutting-edge saturation diving industry.


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For existing clients of Archer Knight (Holdings) Limited or Energy Maritime Associates Pte Ltd, acquiring a complimentary set of these enlightening playing cards is simple. Reach out to us via email, and as a token of appreciation for your business, we'll dispatch a pack to you promptly.

For those who are not currently clients, worry not! You can still grab your own set. Just follow this link to purchase a pack;

They make an ideal Secret Santa gift for fellow DSV enthusiasts! But hurry! Our stock is limited, and these cards are disappearing fast due to their immense popularity. 

And to all those who've already purchased our DSV cards, thank you! The support has been overwhelming, with packs flying off the shelves. Representing over 50 companies in more than 15 countries, these cards have truly made a global splash!




Rostislav Havlik
Operations Manager at Aqueos Corporation

“Thank you, Archer Knight, for sending these playing cards.
Archer Knight's Flowline has been a great tool to use as an aggregate of what’s moving in the energy space worldwide, vessel tracking and activity specific reports from selected regions.

ACE OF DIAMOND!!! our DP2 DSV KellyAnn Candies.”




Andy Butler
TechnipFMC OneFleet Diving Technical Authority & Lead

"Nice to see all 3 of TechnipFMC DSV's in the Top 5 DSV's worldwide with Deep Explorer topping the table. Well done Archer Knight for bringing a little fun into the festive period”



Rory Bell
Bell Diving Supervisor at TechnipFMC

“Thank you Archer Knight for sending me a set of your Limited Edition DSV Playing Cards”



Darius Tadjrishi
(Assoc. CIPD)

"Many thanks to David Sheret and Archer Knight for the packs - these are great quality and go well with the rest of my Trumps collection (yep, I'm one of those!).  Played with them this weekend with my 2 year old daughter. I wanted to play Trumps... she wanted to play "What's this one?" in which she asks me what kind of ship it is and then tells me I'm right when I answer 'DSV'... 52 times. 

Of course, the picture is the obligatory, "I've worked with these vessels!" picture. Only 5 out of 52 though... I had better get cracking on the rest!"



Cheryl Nicolson
Recruitment Specialist at Maris Subsea

“What a great idea Archer Knight, delighted with mine and the perfect Secret Santa gift for our Dive TA”



Alistair Wesson
Tech Founder / Royal Marines Veteran

“Chuffed when these were posted through the door. Always fun as a diver going through and finding vessels you've worked on - these two are my favourite.

No doubt these will become collectable in the years to come!”



Jon McCarty
Commercial Manager - KCPL - K Subsea

"Just in, Archer Knight's Global DSV Tracker Ready Reckoner / Playing Cards. Here's India's DSV Fleet today - from what I can see on the DSV Tracker, I have the privilege to demo today! Brilliant stuff from these guys!



Whether they find a place on your desk, in SAT, or become a part of your recreational room, these cards are a delightful addition for any saturation diving aficionado. Don't miss out this time! Order now by clicking on the link below and explore the depths of the saturation diving world through Archer Knight's exclusive DSV Playing Cards!

Follow this link to purchase a pack;


For further information, please contact: David Sheret 


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