Diving Technical Authority Services.





Diving is an integral part of the subsea industry and will be for many years to come. Archer Knight’s Diving Technical Authority (DTA) support provides our clients with competent, independent third-party assurance for surface supplied air/nitrox and saturation-based diving operations. With the safety of your operations of utmost importance, we assist you with adhering to industry best practice, regional guidelines and legislation.

At Archer Knight, our consultancy focus is on providing highly knowledgeable, specialist expertise. Our DTA support is no different. This is shaped by Derek Beddows, who leads the service from a discipline perspective. He is a highly respected global authority on commercial diving safety, technical and operational standards, through a career that spans over four decades, working for both leading super major operators and primary global EPIC contractors.

  Diving Safety Management
  Audits & Reviews
  Procedure Creation & Review
  Incident & Investigation Support
  Safety Training
  Diving Standards
 Planned Operations
  Client Representation
  Risk Assessment, Mitigation & Management


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