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Granular Subsea Market Intelligence and associated solutions

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72 Carden Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1UL

Tel: +44 (0)1224 009022

Email: info@archerknight.com

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About Us.

Archer Knight

- A Subsea Strategy Support Company.

We aim to become the industry’s first-thought company for granular market intelligence and associated solutions.

What We Do

At Archer Knight we deliver subsea market intelligence and specialised consultancy support for the oil & gas and renewables industry. 


Our focus is to provide market intelligence using a client centred approach.  Whether it is project specific or strategic growth, we work closely with our clients to understand their individual requirements; supporting their strategy and assisting them as required.  


Archer Knight clients have the options of commissioned or subscription-based intelligence reporting and additional support services as an individual or combined solution.


Why We Do It

Archer Knight was established with the belief that something has been overlooked from the market intelligence model; the part between analysis and project – the “how do we get there?”.  

We see ourselves as your roadmap between market trend and market share.

The Process.

Company Firsts.

Be Honest.

We will be honest with all our staff, clients and suppliers and treat them with integrity and respect.

Be Fair.

We will always execute our services in the most mutually beneficial way possible. 

Be Good.

We refuse to compromise on quality and always aim to continually improve.

Be There.

We consistently strive to be ever present for our clients during the life of contract.