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RAK4 is Archer Knight’s software package designed to support companies with their strategic growth and tactical business development behaviours.   The subsea industry is composed of many different entities:  operators, suppliers, service providers, contracts, projects, assets, people and infrastructure.  Understanding how these relate to one another is key to our clients’ understanding of granular market intelligence. 

As an interactive web-based platform, RAK4 will offer subscribers access to a real-time view of the market, highlighting developments and relationships that are key to their individual strategies, enabling them to conduct their own trend analysis.  The collated data will be presented in a user friendly front-end platform allowing users to appreciate the wider subsea market picture, providing greater efficiency than a one-off report.

A subscription-based pricing model, RAK4 will be shaped around filtration by software and human analytical resources.  Initially, it will be developed to focus on the UKCS, before being rolled out to include all the main global oil and gas hubs. 

Currently, RAK4 is in its second phase following a successful first phase collaboration with a local university.  Our objective is for RAK4 to become the ‘first word’ for real-time granular market intelligence data.  We look forward to keeping you updated on its progress and launch.