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HSEQ & Risk Management.

Human beings and their behaviours are the single biggest risks to any subsea business.  Monitoring all aspects of a company’s operational activities can identify potential incidents and excursions, and ultimately help mitigate risk. 

We provide an extensive HSEQ service that helps our clients monitor, record and analyse the risks they face whilst implementing processes and procedures that reduce the risk of harm, non-conformance and environmental impact. 

 Create Monthly Report Templates & Accident / Incident Reports
 Establish QHSE Direction
 Implementation, Monitoring & Revising of Integrated Business Management Systems 
 Incident Investigations
 Introduce Departmental Integration
 Management System Audit Preparation & Audits
 Policy and Procedural Compliance
 QHSE Training
 Review of Non-Conformance & Initiate Corrective Action/s
 Review Certification/s
 Recruit & Manage QHSE Resources