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Introducing Flowline – your ‘digital employee’.

The subsea industry is awash with news and activity but it’s harder than ever for businesses to cut through the noise. We believe technology has a powerful role to play in how we deliver subsea market intelligence and communications.


That’s where Flowline comes in.


Our new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform acts as your very own digital market intelligence ‘employee’; bringing together in one place upstream oil & gas industry communications and market intelligence and creating a clear pathway to increased opportunities.


By driving customisable data directly to you, we help reduce the time you need to stay on top of your chosen subsea sector.

What is Flowline?

Flowline is an interactive web-based platform, applying our bottom-up granular analysis to give a detailed real-time view of the subsea market.


The subsea industry is complex. To target the most profitable opportunities our clients need to know how the different moving parts relate to each other. Flowline make the links between operators, suppliers, service providers, contracts being awarded, projects under development and existing infrastructure to help clients make their own judgements on market trends.

Central Intelligence 


From a central global intelligence dashboard, Flowline allows users to track bespoke points, such as as vessel & asset activity, or companies which require the services their own business offers. 


At Archer Knight, we already have a track record of producing high-quality industry reports which allow our clients to bridge the gap from market intelligence to market share. There are three key reasons why we see Flowline as the next step in this journey:


1. High-quality, real-time data

2. User-friendly

3. Accessible to all


High-quality data

delivered in real time.

As your digital employee, Flowline works tirelessly all day every day, providing impartial intelligence, allowing your company to access data and analysis from a team of subsea professionals, led by industry experts who have worked in the sector over the last two decades.

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Our analysis is founded on primary engagement with a 50,000-strong global network across the oil & gas and renewables industries, combined with our automated algorithms collating millions of subsea-related data points from open-source web activity.


In an industry where change is happening at a rapid pace, Flowline presents our analysis in real time, meaning there is no lag between data collation and the trends which appear on screen – giving users greater confidence that the decisions they make reflect the current environment.


User-friendly – giving you control.

Flowline is interactive and allows you to focus on the aspects of the industry that matter most to you. Charts and graphics, such as heatmaps of vessel activity, are straightforward to use and interpret.


We believe this is essential as it gives the user greater control over their analysis. Traditional platforms can be so complex they require a dedicated analyst to interpret them, both an additional expense on top of license subscription fees and taking accessibility and control from the end user.


The main benefits are time and visibility, Flowline simplifies market intelligence and communications, driving objective and subjective data to our subscribers allowing them to make quicker, more informed decisions.


Removing barriers to access.

Vital to Flowline’s DNA is its accessibility. We want the analysis capabilities of the platform to be distributed throughout your whole team.


Flowline is designed for mass use across all levels of the business. We believe industry intelligence should be available to small or large businesses, and to all individuals – not just management or selected individuals.


How do we do this? Flowline breaks the mould on licencing agreements. We believe in affordable subscription packages and no restrictive licensing arrangements, meaning no additional charges over and above the initial fee. This means the platform can be widely used and shared across the business. It’s up to you, not us, who can benefit from using Flowline across your business.

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Flowline – for all your subsea market intelligence and communication needs.

We’ve worked closely with academic and software experts to create Flowline.The result is dynamic SaaS platform that monitors and analyses the oil & gas subsea industry, driving bespoke information and intelligence directly to subscribers in real time.

With an easy-to-use interface, you have instant access to thousands of sector data points and performance indicators. This saves valuable time and helps users contribute positively towards the environmental and logistical challenges businesses all face today, while increasing opportunities and improving market visibility.


Flowline - Key Features.

Global Intelligence Dashboard

Outlines and tracks subsea industry key performance indicators (KPI) and industry news. Keeping users informed on the latest trends, vessel activity, project development and general information.

 Vessel Supply & Demand

Tracking more than 1,200 specialist subsea vessels, following their performance, positioning, maintenance and breakdown activity and future supply and demand trends.

Company Statistics & Alerts

Companies are at the heart of the subsea industry. Flowline provides a customisable, directory which alerts subscribers on any aspect they choose to track.


From tenders to mergers, financial performance to personnel changes and job opportunities, we drive the important data directly to you.

Country Insight

Data on over 200 countries working in the upstream energy sector. From regulators to operators, contractors and the supply chain, we focus on charting and maintaining the key drivers ensuring our users have the most up to date intelligence for each country.

​Bespoke News Alerts

A fully customisable news and intelligence feed.

An enhanced assessment of the latest appointments, asset deals, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, project updates, service contracts and vessel contracts are all built in.

Global Subsea Project Updates

Tracking of global projects across OPEX, CAPEX and decommissioning lifecycles, providing users with up-to-date information on project developments and better able to objectively assess engagement opportunities.

Market Intelligence Reporting

Instantly available industry reports with discounted rates for Flowline users.

Subsea News and Commentary

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Key Industry Metrics

Flowline monitors the key global metrics that influence the activity levels within the industry. All collated in one place, updated in real time with customisable alert settings.

AI & Machine Learning

Our core objective is to automate in real time wherever possible and deliver these assets to our users. From onboarding to retention, we are constantly augmenting Flowline to ensure the platform continually adds value to our users.

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